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Want to know more about the penile implant experience?

Have questions about the penile implant surgery and Dr. Kramer’s technique?

Need honest answers from a man who’s been in your shoes?

Patients of Dr. Andrew Kramer can talk to one of our penile implant patient liaisons who have successfully gone through the penile implant surgery. Bob, David, and M.A. provide open, honest answers to all of your questions about erectile dysfunction, what to expect from the penile implant surgery, and life with a penile implant. They have been where you are and are committed to helping you through your penile implant surgery journey.

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Our patient  liaisons address questions such as:

  • When is it time to consider a penile implant?
  • Was the penile implant surgery successful?
  • Does it hurt?
  • How do you use the implant?
  • Life before and after the penile implant surgery
  • Is your sex life better?
  • How was the experience with Dr. Kramer?

Free – Private – Convenient 

Our Talk with a Patient service is free and completely confidential.

Bob, David, and M.A. offer flexible call schedules to accommodate patients from around the United States and throughout the world.

When you need honest answers to your pressing questions about penile implant surgery with Dr. Andrew Kramer, our penile implant patients provide the understanding and support you want, when you need it most.




As former patients of Dr. Kramer, Bob, David, and M.A. can only share their personal experience and opinions and cannot provide any medical opinion or advice. Because no two patients are the same, you may or may not be eligible for the same treatment. Further, your own experience may differ from Bob, David, and M.A. and their respective positive experience is not a guarantee of similar results for new patients. Any medical questions or concerns you may have should be discussed with Dr. Kramer or another qualified physician. Only Dr. Kramer or another qualified physician can provide advice on your condition and treatment.

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