Peyronie’s Disease



Making A Bent Penis Straight Again

Dr. Kramer spends significant effort to achieve straightness of the penis in his patients with Peyronie’s disease. There are a few therapies that exist for fixing penile curvature outside of penile implant surgery – these include injections with Colchicine, Verapamil, and Xiaflex.

Repair of curvature during penile implant surgery is a main focus. The process intraoperatively can take several forms:

  • Placing the penile implant, then sequential inflating and deflating over the penile implant scaffold to straighten the penis.
  • Modeling the penis after the implant is placed but before skin closure.  This is the subject of many videos in the video library. There are specific techniques required to do intraoperative modeling over an implant.  Dr. Kramer chooses to clamp off all pump tubings to prevent back-pressure damage to the implanted pump, then applies steady counter-force for several minutes to reduce curvature. This repairs up to 70 degrees of curvature in many cases.
  • After modeling, if curvature persists, then sutures can be placed on the side of the penis opposite the curve to plicate the bend. This, plus modeling, fixes another subset of patients with curvature from Peyronie’s disease.
  • Lastly, patients can cycle their device, or inflate and deflate daily or twice daily for months or even years after the implant is placed. This serves to eliminate another 30 degrees of penile curvature.
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