Types of Penile Implants

The Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Implant

AMS vs. Coloplast

AMS was the first implant made and placed initially in 1973. This brand has enjoyed a “first to market” advantage. Currently, AMS still enjoys a majority in the world, especially globally- one possible reason is still the fact that this device was the first to be produced. Indeed, in the world today, roughly 70% of implants placed today are AMS (now Boston Scientific), and 30% are Coloplast Titan implants.

The pros and cons are much LESS important than who does your surgery- so in good hands, both devices are excellent treatment options. The success rate of both devices is roughly equivalent- so one device is not clearly better than the other, but rather they have both been successfully used.


AMS - Kramer Urology

Positives of the AMS

  • The infection rate is nearly negligible, the antibiotic impregnation is very effective.
  • The device has looks and feels very natural, and has a very nice soft state.
  • The LGX (length girth expansion) has the potential to lengthen, so with cycling, a patient could, in theory, gain back some length.
  • The deflate button is easy to feel and easy to find.
  • Customer service from the company is an advantage, postoperative, I can find an AMS rep near anyone who is willing to help with device teaching.


Positives of the Coloplast Titan

  • The inflated state is extremely hard. Perhaps harder than even a physiologic erection would be.
  • The inflating mechanism is very robust and inflation is easy with their pump.
  • Because it is so hard, it is the gold standard for fixing Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature.
  • Better at providing increased girth (thickness).
  • Offers a variety of pump choices: the Genesis, OTR, or Touch pump.
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