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Corporotomy – A Critical Surgical Maneuver

The corporotomy is a vital step of the penile implant surgery. It’s a technique, or procedure, that takes only several seconds to perform but has to be perfect every time.

A corporotomy is the incision in the tunica, the gateway into the corpora, where the smooth muscle of the penis lies and ultimately where Dr. Kramer will place the implant.

Dr. Kramer spend a few seconds in every video talking about the corporotomy. Here is how it works:

  • Dr. Kramer places the holding sutures in a position to work in the true axis of the penis.
  • Then, multiple points of exposure and retraction are created.  A six-point retractor is in place and then Dr. Kramer uses a finger (pinky) retractor above the corpora and a metal retractor pulling downward.  The holding sutures are pulled straight out or laterally to triangulate the window he is about to make. Suction is ready at the base of the tunica that is about to be opened.
  • Dr. Kramer then uses a brand-new blade in all cases, not the one that previously cut the skin.  With all points of retraction, he makes a very tiny, clean opening into the corpora. With one movement, he extends this opening up by about 2 millimeters with an upward swipe-like movement. With that upper part of the corporotomy open, the knife is turned around and the blade dropped down to open the bottom of this triangulated incision by exactly 2 millimeters.
  • With this up and down clean corporal incision done, Dr. Kramer has a perfect diamond-shaped opening in the tunica with all of the smooth muscle still intact, but the tunica opened perfectly.
  • Then, only with the perfect corporotomy can the perfect dilation and penile measurement and cylinder fitting be done.

The origin of nearly all mistakes or imperfect devices is due to the corporotomy being imprecise and the incision not being perfect.  Dr. Kramer strives to make this corporotomy precise and perfect. 

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