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Prostate Cancer Patients and Penile Implants


Prostate Cancer Patients and Penile Implants

Some men, unfortunately, get diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer, some as very young men. Surgery, including the radical prostatectomy (open or robotic), can result in erectile dysfunction.

Among these patients, there is a profound emotional and psychological impact of losing erections so quickly. Dr. Kramer doesn’t feel these men have to wait a certain amount of time before seeking help, try a year or more of various medications, graduate from pills to injections, or the use of a vacuum device prior to getting a penile implant.

Dr. Kramer’s Philosophy of Care for Prostate Cancer Patients

Dr. Kramer’s philosophy revolves around the idea that if/when a man feels ready, and if the prostate cancer treatment is finished, then a penile implant can be performed. The patient should work closely with his treating physician and Dr. Kramer in making this decision.  Patients are not required to wait for months or years and try every ED treatment before pursuing a penile implant.

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