Penile Implant Revision

Experience Matters: Dr. Kramer is one of the highest volume penile implant revision surgeons around.


A Leader in Penile Implant Revision Surgery

Dr. Andrew Kramer performs a high volume penile implant revision surgeries. He corrects devices that previously were implanted and are not working properly.

Reasons for Penile Implant Revisions

  • Tips of the implant are too short.
  • The pump is out of position or too high.
  • An alternate technique was used with results such as:
    • Exit tubing is palpable and painful on the top of the penis.
    • The cylinders are out of axis.
    • The tubings wrap around the side of the penis.
  • Tips are uneven.
  • The reservoir is painful or is bulging out.
  • An Ambicor or Semirigid was placed due to a three-piece implant being “too risky or dangerous,” but indeed the patient would be a good candidate for the three-piece inflatable implant.

The Three Types of Penile Implant Revisions

Dr. Kramer’s penile implant revision procedures are broken down into three specific types. Learn more about these different revision techniques.

Types of Penile Implant Revisions
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