Everything You Need to Know About Penile Implants

“No Touch” Penile Implants


“No Touch” Penile Implant

The addition of no-touch implant techniques adds several positive features to any operation. The theory is that all infections originate from the skin. Presumably, if the skin were covered at all times then no infections would occur.  At baseline, the penile implant infection rate is low, less than 2%.  In Dr. Kramer’s practice, it has been even lower.

The no-touch technique requires glove changes any time skin is touched and to re-prep and drape several times during the operation. Some surgeons, including Dr. Kramer, change gloves multiple times during the surgery and avoid having skin contact the device. This has resulted in Dr. Kramer’s infection rate to be among the lowest, while still maintaining an efficient operation.  Shorter surgeries mean less trauma to the patient, less anesthesia time, shorter recovery and pain, and in theory, fewer infections.

A full “no-touch” penile implant surgery can take upwards of 90 minutes or more, however.  If varying degrees of the no-touch approach are used the surgery can be faster.  Some surgeons use hybrid approaches. Regardless, this “no touch” approach will certainly lower the infection rate, and will change what could be a quick procedure to one that is much longer.

Dr. Kramer’s philosophy is not to expose patients to prolonged surgical time, preferring efficient procedures with strategic glove changes and minimizing skin contact.

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