The Lifespan of a Penile Implant



Life Expectancy of Penile Implants

About how long does an inflatable penile implant last?  It is difficult to pinpoint an exact number, but the general rule of thumb is that 10% of inflatable implants may malfunction about every 10 years.  Put another way, within 10​ years, about 90% of patients will still have the same functioning implant, while the rest of patients may have a breakage or device failure.

Men under the age of 40 are informed that there is a 50% chance they will need an implant revision at some point in their lifetime.

I’m committed to providing my patients with the best surgical results.


As one of the highest volume penile implant revision surgeons, my patients can rest assured that if a revision is indicated as their implant nears the end of its lifespan or for a breakage or malfunction, it’s an easy and simple surgery. Often, it is simply a broken tubing, pump, or leak in the system that can be easily fixed.

Learn more about Dr. Kramer’s revision techniques. 
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