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FAQs About Penile Implant Surgery – Dr. Andrew Kramer Answers Your Most Pressing Questions


Q: Am I a candidate for penile implant surgery?

A: If you have you been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) for one year or more and have tried other ED treatment options such as oral medication (e.g. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra), penile injections, a vacuum pump, urethral suppositories (e.g. Muse), or shock wave therapy, then you are likely a candidate. Please note that if a man is considering a penile implant only to increase length or girth and not treat ED, Dr. Kramer does not currently offer penile enhancement procedures.

Q: How many penile implant procedures has Dr. Kramer performed?

A: Dr. Kramer has performed more than 5,000 penile implant surgeries over the past 15+ years. He typically performs about 300+ procedures a year, making him among the most experienced penile implant surgeons.

Q: What are the different types of implants?

A: Penile implants are either inflatable or semi-rigid.

    1. A Semi Rigid implant is a pliable rod, which remains firm at all times. The patient uses the device by bending penis away from the body to create an erection and bending it back toward the body to conceal.
    2. 3-Piece Inflatable implant has a pump that is inserted into the scrotum, a reservoir which is inserted in the pelvis/abdominal area, and two inflatable cylinders placed into the shaft of the penis. The patient uses the pump to transfer a saline solution from the reservoir to the inflatable cylinders in order to create an erection. The same pump is used to deflate the implant. Two- and three-piece inflatable penile implants are the most common types.
Q: Will I lose length with a penile implant?

A: Dr. Kramer’s sizing philosophy prioritizes and maximizes size for each patient.

Q: Will I lose sensation? Will I still be able to orgasm?

A: Penile implants do not affect sensation or the ability to orgasm.

Q: What is the recovery like after the penile implant surgery?

A: Dr. Kramer recommends taking 1-2 weeks off of work following the surgery, but generally, patients can return to work as soon as they feel ready. Dr. Kramer recommends three weeks before soaking in a bath or resuming heavy lifting, cardio activities, or climbing, and four weeks before resuming sexual intercourse.

Q: Do I need a follow-up visit after surgery?

A: Your post-operative appointment is 4-6 weeks after surgery. For patients who are not local to Chesapeake Urology, they can see their local urologist for a follow-up or schedule a call with Dr. Kramer.

Q: Do I have to stay overnight after the implant surgery?

A: No. For the majority of patients, the penile implant surgery is a same-day, outpatient procedure performed in Chesapeake Urology’s Summit ambulatory surgery center in Hanover, Maryland. For patients that are flying to Maryland or driving more than four hours for the implant surgery, it is recommended that you stay in the area for two to three days post surgery.

Q: Can the implant be removed?

A: Yes, a penile implant can be removed for reasons that include infection or for revision surgery. Dr. Kramer performs many revision surgeries.

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