Everything You Need to Know About Penile Implants

Ejaculation and Penile Implants


Ejaculation and Penile Implants

Ejaculation is part of the autonomic nervous system, things your body does without our control. Other functions that are part of the autonomic nervous system are digestion, heart rate control, and perspiration.

Given this autonomic control, the penile implant should have absolutely no control of ejaculation or orgasm. Generally, this is true. It will not medically or surgically interfere with orgasm.

However, it can be a bit complicated. A man needs to be aroused with stimulation of the head of the penis, or frenulum, to achieve orgasm. In the course of a man’s sexual life he is used to the pathway of arousal, sexual activity, erection, then orgasm.

With a penile implant, a man can short-circuit this pathway. He can achieve an erection and skip right to sex without any arousal at all. So it is all too easy to get an erection and start being sexually active without the brain being on the same page as the penis. This is what Dr. Kramer calls a disconnect between brain and penis with the penile implant. A man may pump up the device and forget that both he and his partner need arousal and stimulation in order to have satisfaction and to achieve orgasm. So with an implant, a man needs to make sure he makes time for arousal so that orgasm and ejaculation can be achieved.

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