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Pre-and Post-Operative Instructions for Out-of-Town Patients


Follow up for Out of Town Patients

Dr. Kramer recognizes that it requires energy, courage, time, and expense to plan an out of town surgical procedure. It is his philosophy to have the surgery done correctly the first time. Having it done perfectly by an expert is the smartest and most cost-effective choice a patient can make.

Out of town patients may be concerned about what will happen at three to four weeks post-surgery when they are ready to “activate” the implant.  This practice offers patients from anywhere in the world top-notch follow-up care, which is an important part of our comprehensive care model.

Postoperative care can be broken down into stages in terms of the level of complexity, depending on what is required.

  1. Materials are given at the day of the procedure including a key chain, DVD, written instructions on Dr. Kramer’s website and patient pamphlet. Many patients can feel for the “inflate” and “deflate” buttons and learn it on their own given that there are only two buttons to learn. The key is always to stabilize the pump, draw and pull it down, apply more force on the inflate, and apply a hard “pinch” on the deflate with penile squeezing to achieve deflation. In short, many patients do not need anything other than the DVD and written instructions and use of the keychain post-operatively.
  2. Dr. Kramer is available to talk by phone, when necessary. Conversations about how to activate the pump, if difficulty arises after method #1, can be had via phone calls to our 24-hour patient assistance center, or through our patient portal.
  3. A third follow-up method is to have an industry representative (company rep) who lives in the same general vicinity meet at your home and provide personalized guidance. Dr. Kramer utilizes his network and relationship with both companies to find the best local representative to meet the patient, and the rep is skilled in pump teaching.  The caveat is that the company rep is not a doctor and cannot troubleshoot complex medical issues.
  4. Dr. Kramer can also use his network in the prosthetic urology field to find a local physician who is skilled enough in penile implants to see the patient, review cycling, and answer medically related questions. Dr. Kramer will typically call that doctor ahead of time, make sure the process is approved and smooth, and facilitate the appointment and send any appropriate notes and information.  This ensures that a medical professional is never far away.
  5. Lastly, Dr. Kramer is personally available to meet with patients postoperatively, should they wish to be seen by him personally or the other methods fall short of addressing all issues.
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