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Why Men Choose Dr. Andrew Kramer
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Why Do More Men Choose Dr. Andrew Kramer for Their Penile Implants?

Simply put, I have the experience that matters and the positive results that men want. The penile implant procedure that I perform is one of the most minimally invasive penile implant procedures available. Performed with minor surgical dissection, this procedure also has an extremely low infection rate, one of the lowest rates around (.26%).

A penile implant is a very unique procedure – it is personal and intimate.  And in order to decide who is going to operate on your penis, you want to sort through all of the information on the web and find the very best surgeon to do this critically important procedure. It’s important for patients to learn and understand which surgeons are high volume and highly experienced in the operating room (OR). My approach is to allow patients to see what happens in the OR through my extensive surgical video library. I put all of my surgeries (with patient consent) on this website so men can see what every surgical day looks like in my practice.

“My philosophy is to give every single patient the best surgery that can be done – the best sizing of the penis, least invasive, the lowest infection rate, the best personable care, and the best transparency. Transparency includes access to each patient’s own surgical video so that after surgery we can discuss together while watching the video, which steps were difficult, why certain decisions were made, and how we got the results that we did.”

What You Can Expect From a Leading Penile Implant Surgeon Like Dr. Andrew Kramer


  • We are a high volume center with the ability to perform hundreds of penile implant procedures per year. Our volume proves our experience and is why we have among the best outcomes.
  • Size and girth of the penis are always prioritized and maximized in this practice.  Please see the section on “Who’s a Candidate.”
  • The highest level of infection control techniques are used.
  • Patient and customer service is prioritized. The needs of each individual patient always come first and having a surgeon who cares is important.
  • Video transparency is another crucial component in our practice, making it unique, informative, and understandable. Our surgical video library is among the most extensive for any penile implant surgeon.
  • I work with a dedicated surgical team that includes a scrub tech, nurses, anesthesiologist, and an operating room dedicated to penile prosthetics.
  • Our state-of-the-art Summit Ambulatory Surgery Center in Hanover is equipped with the most advanced surgical equipment.

“Dr. Kramer is a physician who loves his job and his patients and it shows. He takes joy in getting to know a patient and assuring them that their issues will be dealt with. I have never met...” Read full testimonial


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The Largest Surgical Video Library Means Greater Transparency

The largest surgical video library means men have access to more education and a better understanding of this intimate and personal surgical procedure.

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